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Knitting With The Crazy Person

Why am I knitting tonight? The crazy person in my head is deciding to take up room and board, thats why!   I swear before the night is over I will have gone certifiably insane… okay okay that may be a little overboard, but still. I am knitting because apparently feeling edgy is cool to the crazy person! Well, let me tell you this… it is not!  Ever have one of those days where something just feels completely off? Well, I call that my crazy person and she seems to have planted herself into my brain. UGH!

My knitting seems to bring the crazy person to a lull, atleast for awhile. The Rythmic tapping of my needles and the well calculated throw and pull of my yarn helps bring a zen like feeling  around my brain, calming the crazy person.

What am I knitting? Currently to calm my inner crazy person  I am working on my Unicorn Stripes scarf. I have been knitting on this for quite some time now and I can finally say I am 50% done. Another 50% to go. This pattern is so mindless and yet it helps keep my hands busy. Another plus with the pattern is the vibrant colors and the soft yarn. Knit with almost 85% all Madelinetosh Unicorn tails. The colors are so amazing and the yarn is so soft to work with. This project has been known to put the crazy person in my head to sleep. Atleast for awhile.


Some may think that calling the person in my head crazy, is mean, is rude, is initself crazy. Well I will tell you think, I do not think mental illness is a joking matter, I really think its something that needs to be taken more serious globably, however I do find that bringing humor into my mental illness is a wonderful coping mechinism when everything else seem too hard.

So well, obviously I am not knitting as I am typing this… all though if I have to have a crazy person visiting at the moment, why can’t she bring along super powers along… just saying! Luckily the tap tap tapping of my fingers on the keyboard are oddly soothing.

Okay onto something really fantastic!! You know those arm knit blankets that everyone is wanting to knit… well, being logical ( I know I know it doesn’t happen often) I realized using wool would not provide much durability. I decided to take advantage of Joann Fabrics 50% off fleece sale, and use my 20% off everything coupon and get a bunch of fleece. Defintely didn’t turn out perfect, however I think she has some character. I present to you  a horribly take picture of  Arm Knit Fleece Blanket


This will defintely be a nice lap blanket!! But No more for me for awhile!!!

Well Thanks for checking up on the Crazy Person and her Night Owl Knitter   Scratch that- Thanks for checking up on The Nite Owl Knitter and the crazy person in her head!

Until Next Time!



I am a tea drinking, game board playing, knitting addict! I have many hobbies, but those three are my favorite!! I am a bit of a night owl( Hense the name, HA!). I am also a Liver Transplant receipient. I had my transplant on 1/1/2014. I struggle with Bipolar, but I don't let it drown me. I am a fighter and I look forward to sharing with everyone who wanders my way!

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